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Awakenings Summer

Awakenings Summer

Ready to get your techno on? Reserve your Zzz for Awakenings Summer Festival 2024 and let's put festival waste to sleep!

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“Blown away by the comfort”

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4 steps to Zzz

  • 1. Pick it up

  • 2. Party hard

  • 3. Sleep sound

  • 4. Bring it back


  • Is it comfy?

    Oh yeah!
    The patented Zzz Land® technology and its many individual air chambers make it possible.

    Personalise it with the included pillowcase and you’ll be on cloud nine.

  • It doesn't pop?

    It’s built to handle whatever the festival throws your way - even if things get wild. We call that Puncture Adaptive™.

    But, hey, if you're really in trouble, swing on by and we'll get you sorted out.

  • Why is this better?

    Festival visitors generate a lot of camping waste, including many punctured or abandoned air mattresses.

    The Zzz Mattress utilizes 90% fewer raw materials, is recyclable, and does not contain BPA or phthalates.

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Let's put festival waste to sleep