This is how Zzz works

  • 1. Pick it up

  • 2. Party hard

  • 3. Sleep sound

  • 4. Bring it back

Providing the Zzz Mattress & Tent

Down The Rabbit Hole - Zzz Land Festival Mattress

Our future is now

It is up to entrepreneurs, the younger generation and designers to take the lead in leaving the world a little better. OOMPH Industries is here to play their part.

Why we do it

Start dreaming big

After a successful launch in '23 of the first circular festival mattress, we are fully operational and fired up to propel the future of sustainable festival camping at scale.

How we do it

We got your back

No more poking stones in your back, wobbly legs from inflating air mattresses or extreme deadlifts with all the camping gear you decided to bring.

What we make