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Our story

It is 2018 when the first spark for Zzz is lit. Sam Ninaber van Eijben, designer, entrepreneur and former DJ is working on a design for a festivaltent. Frustrated by the slow adoption he rethinks his strategy. He realizes that a major part of festival waste comes from single use air mattresses, mostly made of toxic PVC. "Why do we buy and throw away a bed, only for a few festival nights?" He finally decides to unite his passion & profession and starts engineering Zzz, a sustainable festival mattress.

Again, it is a bumpy road, but after many prototypes (and a global pandemic) Sam is finally ready to open for business. With the help of industry partners, Zzz has evolved into a patented festival mattress, made of a chemically recyclable plastic film, to be inflated on-demand and recycled after use. 

OOMPH Industries is founded, paving the way for Zzz and more impact-innovations. With OOMPH, Sam takes the first real deep-dive in the summer of 2022. Zzz is supplied to festival visitors in 5 European festivals and... people are loving Zzz! Sam decides to gear up for a full scale launch in 2023 and teams up with entrepreneur and sustainable innovator Gerard Kool. Together they create a never-ending life cycle for Zzz: Mattress-as-a-Service. Major festivals embrace the idea of service instead of ownership and open their gates for Zzz... It's is time for change!

Our believes

We believe it is up to entrepreneurs, the younger generation and designers to take the lead in leaving the world a little better. OOMPH Industries is here to play their part.

OOMPH Industries takes a pragmatic approach to that belief: you can’t add anything to the world if you don’t want any emissions at all. Therefore we try to positively influence products and situations that have the biggest impact on our earth. As industrial designers, we turn to the industry and try to change them for the better. We don’t solve everything, but we are starting the transition. We’re finding a better way, a better material, a better production method. 

Company facts

OOMPH Industries is a privately owned Dutch company, based in Delft, the Netherlands. In line with her mission, OOMPH has joined the B Corporation movement with current status B Corporation Pending. 

The word 'oomph' means as much as 'power, strength, or energetic activity'. Just like Zzz, OOMPH is an onomatopoeia, a word that sounds like what it represents. 

Zzz is the name of our festival mattress. Zzz (obviously?) refers to sleeping / snoring and even has its own range of sleeping-emoji's. Zzz.land represents the world of Zzz.land and is a registered brandname and website. How to pronounce Zzz? Well, feel free to make any sleeping sound on your way to (new) Zzz.land.


OOMPH's believes reach further than Delft. Even in the early stages of its history, OOMPH builds on the expertise of partners that embrace the same values and pragmatic approach. 

The Young Strategy is our agency for creative brand development. Their approach is pragmatic, just like OOMHP, but also full of curiousity, imaginative and experimental, a perfect fit for a brand ready to change, for starters, festival camping. 

OPACKGROUP works its magic when the multilayer PE-EVOH film is extruded. OPACKGROUP takes the lead in co-creation of sustainable solutions, making it a perfect partner for OOMPH Industries. 

STOROpack, our international packaging specialist transforms thin film into the Zzz mattresses and provides value added services in the supplychain to festivals.

SABIC is a global leader in high quality chemicals for a wide range of industries. SABIC is our VIP for production and recycling of PE-EVOH for the Zzz mattresses. 


Many questions are covered by the FAQ section in our Help Center.


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