⏱️ In short ♻️

  1. We buy post-consumer recycled polymers and make rolls of film.
  2. The festival goer uses them in the form of a mattress.
  3. We receive the materials back with a deposit system.
  4. And return them to the supplier to renew those polymers again.

That's our loop.

🛏️ Sleep Like a Pro, Save the Planet 🌱

At Zzz Land, we have a mission: to put festival waste to sleep. But fear not, party animals! We've come up with a genius solution that lets you enjoy the festival vibes guilt-free. Drum roll, please... Introducing our mind-blowing new mattress design made with recycled mattresses! Yeah, you heard that right—mattresses made from recycled mattresses. Together with you, we're like the superheroes of slumber, fighting for a sustainable future, one dreamy sleep at a time.

💪 Leading the Mattress Revolution 🌎

Zzz Land is incredibly proud to be the world's first mattress brand to pioneer this revolutionary technology. Our vision is simple: by 2030, we want every festival camper to experience the blissful embrace of a Zzz Mattress made from recycled mattresses. Say goodbye to those pesky PVC plastics that clutter festivals and say hello to a greener, more comfortable future. 

♻️ We Love Recycling More Than Memes 🌈

Let's talk about plastic waste—ugh, it's like the ultimate party crasher for our planet. But fear not, Zzz Land has got your back (and your spine!). We've harnessed the power of innovative recycling technology to transform previously unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable resources. It's like giving plastic a makeover and turning it into something fabulous again.

🔄 The Circular Economy: It's a Game-Changer 🔄

We're not just about recycling; we're all about the circular economy, baby. By using our advanced recycling technology, we can produce Zzz Mattresses made from post-consumer recycled material. It's like giving old plastic a second chance to shine. And guess what? Our awesome collaboration with SABIC, OPACK and Storopack has made it possible to create a mattress that's fully recyclable and supports the circular economy. Talk about sleeping in style while saving the planet!

🚀 Advanced Technology: We're Sci-Fi Dreamers 🔬

Unlocking the circular economy is like cracking a secret code, and we're here to break it down for you. Traditional recycling methods have their limits, especially for complex materials. But fear not, our cutting-edge Advanced Recycling technology is here to save the day. It takes those complicated materials and transforms them into simpler forms, making them perfect for creating new materials of the highest quality. It's like recycling on steroids, but in the coolest way possible.

🔗 Mass Balance: Not Just a Gym Term 🏋️‍♀️

Okay, let's get technical for a moment. In Advanced Recycling, they blend recycled with virgin materials. It's a magical process, but it's impossible to physically track each material that goes into it. That's where the mass balance chain of custody comes in. It's like a superhero accountant that keeps track of everything, making sure the right amount of certified recycled plastic is made in the process. We've got it all under control!

ISCC: Certifying Our Epicness 🌟

You know we're serious about sustainability when we start throwing acronyms around. Enter ISCC, the Sustainability Certification system that ensures our raw material is top-notch. Our partner, SABIC, is certified, so you can sleep sound knowing that the plastic resin used in our Zzz Mattresses is made with certified circular recycled plastic. We're not just cool; we're officially certified cool.

So, fellow festival lovers, get ready to party like there's no tomorrow, and then sleep like there's no alarm clock, all while saving the planet. Zzz Land has your back (and your well-rested dreams) covered. Let's party hard and responsibly because together, we're making a more sustainable future. Rock on, eco-warriors! 🎸✌️

If you have any question or remark about this, we're here. Let's talk