Zzz as a service

We're all getting used to owning less stuff. A good starting point for Zzz.
Zzz is not something you own but kind of borrow for a while.
Easier and better for your festival experience.

Zzz let's you sleep in comfort without having to buy a mattress. That is what we call 'mattress as a service'.

You don't order the Zzz mattress but the Zzz service. Which means that after your pickup, we are always there for you through day and night.
See you at the next festival!

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This is how it works

  • 1. Pick it up

    When entering the festival grounds, without carrying a too heavy air-mattress, there will be the Zzz-stand to pick up your mattress.

    The only thing you need is your QR-code. After scanning it’s all yours to Zzz on.

  • 2. Party hard

    Yes! You're all set. The Zzz fits perfectly in your tent and is even more comfortable than you’d expected. So, it's time to enjoy the festival. Let’s take those legs out for a dance and give your eyes a stroboscopic experience to never forget.

  • 3. Sleep sound

    Wonky dancing legs and heavy eyes. It’s time to sleep. 

    During the journey back towards your tent you pass by the Zzz-stand. The crew is still helping festival lovers with Zzz mattresses. Come on! You can do it. Just a bit further and you've reached your tent. The most relaxing Zzz time awaits.

  • 4. Bring it back

    No poking stones in your back or weird sleep wrinkles after this amazing night of Zzz time.
    The only thing that's left to do is bring back the Zzz mattress.
    This way it's not part of your luggage plus you get your deposit back!

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Zzz is hassle-free from beginning to end