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Ordering your Zzz mattress

This article covers the order process of your Zzz. Good chance you’ll find your answers here. If not, please let us know by contacting our customer service.


Zzz… mattrass as a service

The idea behind Zzz is entirely circular. Do you need your own mattress? Or do you need a good sleep? Zzz lets you sleep in comfort, without buying a bed. That’s what we call ‘mattrass as a service’. So in fact you order a service rather than a product.


Steps in the order process

Ordering your Zzz is easy! It follows the basic steps of:

  • Selecting your festival
  • Choosing the right number of beds (for you and your fellow campers)
  • Enter your details for checkout
  • Paying for your order


Price and deposit

The price you see on the website covers our service from start to finish. It covers everything from production to recycling, fully circular. For this to work we ask you to bring back your Zzz at the end of your festival. A refundable deposit is charged to encourage all Zzz sleepers to bring the mattress back, pretty much as you would do when renting say… a bike or a car. You will find more about deposits here.


Payment options

There’s a large number of payment options available. Depending on your location, the store might offer some payment methods that are commonly used, such as iDeal in the Netherlands. The integration with Google Pay and Apple Pay are a great way to speed things up.


For some payment options such as Credit cards an additional fee for transaction costs may be charged. These charges cover the financial services of the payment provider and don’t end up with Zzz. That’s why in some cases we have to charge them on top of your order. This will be clearly visible in the store.



After completing your order and successful payment you will receive a confirmation of your order via email. Please save this confirmation as it serves as your end of our agreement.



Got you there! We do not ship anything to you 😊 Instead we prepare your bed for you to come and pick it up at your festival. 


Ordering on-site

Perhaps you missed the opportunity to pre-order a Zzz for your upcoming festival? No sweat; at most festivals we offer sales on site. During the festival where sales on-site is available, we invite you to place your order via our website, in the same way as pre-orders are done. Limited stock levels might apply since we limit production quantities from a circular point of view. Orders on site may be a bit more expensive than pre-orders. 


What happens after I order

You will receive your reservation ticket including a QR-code or Barcode via email. This ticket is pretty important since you’ll present it at the Zzz desk for pickup. Your ticket is unique and tells us who you are, that your order was complete and how many Zzz mattresses you reserved. We strongly advise you to keep a copy of your ticket on your phone and print a copy just in case…

This article covers everything about pickup

How the Deposit works and why it is charged

The price you see on the website covers our service from start to finish. It covers everything from production to recycling, fully circular. For this to work we ask you to bring back your Zzz at the end of your festival. A refundable deposit is charged to encourage all Zzz sleepers to bring the mattress back, pretty much as you would do when renting say… a bike or a car.


Why we charge a deposit

It has been proven over and over again that a small incentive to bring stuff back helps a lot. Feel free to check out some research on this. We found these articles pretty clear.

The deposit serves as a reminder to bring your Zzz back to us. We do this to reduce festival waste to the maximum extent. A Zzz mattress returned to us will become a new Zzz after recycling.


How we charge a deposit

During the order process we add a Deposit fee to your checkout total. You’ve probably seen shipping costs added to your checkout total a lot of times in your life. This works the same with one big difference: It’s a deposit and you are entitled to a refund once you return your Zzz to its maker… eeh… us.


Your deposit fee is matched with a QR-/barcode attached to your Zzz mattress. This QR-/barcode is then paired with your festival ticket, so we know you and your specific Zzz mattress are best friends throughout the festival nights.


How will I get my deposit back?

You only need to bring your Zzz back to the Zzz stand and make sure the QR-/barcode is scanned. Our staff will confirm to you the checkout was successful.


Note: Our staff is only allowed to scan barcodes of complete Zzz mattresses. Would you expect a refund on your plastic bottle when you return only the wrapper or the bottle cap?


We register your checkout and transfer that information into the webshop. This is done in ‘bulk’ after the festival is completed. We do not refund deposits during the festival. The webshop handles the refund process and you will see the deposit transferred to your account (depending on the payment method you used at purchase).


What happens if I don’t return my Zzz

Our business approach is circular just like our services. Therefore we add any non-refundable deposits in our sustainable fund. This fund is used to kickstart or boost subsequent innovations that bring us closer to our goal stopping the tidal wave of trash.


What happens when somebody else returns my Zzz

Don’t worry, the QR-/barcode is paired with your festival ticket. So once it is returned, whether by you, your sister or her crazy neighbor, the deposit will transfer back to you. Just make sure it is returned to our Zzz-stand.


Deposit on multiple Zzz’s in one order

Say you reserved 5 Zzz mattrasses for your 4 friends and yourself. Each Zzz will have a unique QR-/barcode, so 5 unique QR-/barcodes will be paired with you since you put in the order. In case you have specified the names of your friends after ordering, the mattress will be paired with your friends. However the deposit for each returned Zzz mattress will be paid back to you.


Want to know more? Check out our Deposit Policy here.

Can I take my Zzz home?

A logical question since you've probably grown attached to your comfortable Zzz mattress. To take it home however is to break the circle of recycling; let us explain:

The idea

The idea behind Zzz is entirely circular. Do you need your own mattress? Or do you need a good sleep? Zzz let’s you sleep in comfort, without buying a bed. That’s what we call ‘mattrass as a service’. So in fact you order a service rather than a product.


Mattress as a service means the Zzz mattress remains the property of OOMPH industries. That's why we ask you to return your Zzz to the Zzz-stand. This is also the reason why we charge a deposit which will be refunded after your Zzz has been registered as returned. Bringing your Zzz back allows us to recycle the material into a new Zzz mattress, ready for the next festival.

But can I take it home?

Even though we  discourage it, and you will lose your deposit, you can take your Zzz home. Remember that the cells will get softer and softer over time. Inflating your Zzz later on is not an option since all cells get sealed permanently. 


Of course we would have loved to recycle your Zzz by collecting it from you at the festival. If you chose to take it home and wish to dispose it later on, simply add it to your plastic waste. In most places, plastic waste is collected separately. 


Instructions for a great Festival with Zzz

Your festival should be about… your festival experience! That’s why we thought hard to make things as easy as possible. Check out the following basic steps:

Pick it up

As soon as you are through the festival gate, you’ll need to find the Zzz-stand. We work with the festivals to help you navigate quickly and we’ll give you directions prior to the festival. Just in case you missed all those clues, we can safely state that we are generally located near the festival entrance.

Soon as you are at the stand, show our team your ticket (on your phone or printed). The QR-/barcode on it will be your key. Your Zzz will be inflated and wrapped for you in around 18 seconds. Your Zzz will be paired in our system to your ticket by a QR-/barcode on the mattress.

On your way to the campsite!

Party hard

We could elaborate on festival techniques, etiquette, do’s and don’ts… Just a few tips: Make sure you roll out your Zzz before you start your party. Don’t forget to fold the top end and wrap it with the pillow cover. A Zzz mattress is made to endure a lot of abuse, however sharp objects might lead to damage, so please check for edgy rocks, bottle caps etc.

Sleep Sound

No idea how you managed to find your tent, but you did! Now, we strongly advise the use of a sleeping back or sheet before you Zzzzzzzzz….

Should you notice a leak after all, take a breath and realize you still have a bunch of other segments that support you. (Remember those nights waking up on the cold ground from just one tiny puncture in your PVC bed?).

Something wrong / not happy / in need of service? Our crew is available at the Zzz-stand to help you out.

Bring it back

Now here’s a crucial part! Once your party is over and you are preparing for the trip home: that’s when we need you to do your part. Take your Zzz and bring it back to the Zzz-stand. Your options:

  • Our advice: You can bring it back in the same way you received it.
  • The alternative: You can deflate the compartments by using a sharp object. Just make sure the QR-/barcode is not damaged.

At the stand, our team will scan your Zzz’s QR-/barcode, which entitles you to a refund of your deposit. The refund will be processed sometime after the festival via the Zzz webhop. You don’t have to do anything else.

Now the only things to do for you are:

  • Tell your friends about it
  • Look out for the next festival
  • Check out our notifications about the rest of your Zzz’s journey back to the source

Service during festivals

Our team is there for you, helping you to sleep in comfort. Learn more about our service during the festival.

We are pretty serious about Mattress-as-a-service. In fact, we would love to help you make your bed. Given the average number of Zzz sleepers, that would be too big a challenge… Therefore we focus our service on our website and the Zzz-stand.

Website and help center

The best resource for all your questions is the Zzz website. We are constantly adding information so you can get your answers without leaving you tent. Let us know if your question has not yet been covered, so we can add it. There’s a few levels of service to point out:


The website covers a lot of information. It’s easy to navigate and should help you with most of your questions. In case you pre-ordered your Zzz in a few clicks, we recommend you to check the website first and learn more about Zzz before walking over to the Zzz-stand for a chat with our staff.

Help Center

The Help Center is meant to help you self-service as much as possible. It covers a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), allows you to send in support questions.


The articles in our FAQ section are carefully written to quickly assist you. Some articles contain general information, to get up you up to speed quickly. Other articles cover specific topics. Good chance your question is among the FAQ’s!


Customer support is there to help you prior to festivals, during festivals and after. Regular response time is one or two days. Just keep in mind that our staff might be pretty busy during festival season, so a ticket might take some time to handle.

The Zzz-stand

All festivals (unless specified otherwise) have a central Zzz-stand. It is the stand you go to for your Zzz upon arrival. We do try our best to guide you to it on-site and via our communication channels. The Zzz-stand is your point of contact for any issues you were unable to solve. Service is available 24/7 during the duration of the festival, our staff is happy to assist you!

Using Zzz

How to use your Zzz

Zzz is here for you, to help you recover for another amazing festival day. This article covers the use of your Zzz. Please take a moment to read it and you will be all set for a great time.

Is it hard to carry a Zzz?

Not at all! Zzz is made with a recyclable plastic called PE-EVOH which is no-toxic, non-static and incredibly thin. All this keeps the weight of the mattrass itself to roughly 300 grams. Add the pillow case and a flyer with instructions (~60 grams) for a total weight of around 360 grams, about the same as 2 iPhones…. easy!

The pillowcase doubles as a carrying strap which makes it easy to transport one or even multiple Zzz’s to the campsite.

Preparing your bedroom

Here’s a few tips for a perfect sleep. Your Zzz is meant for use in a sleeping compartment such as a tent, the annex-tent of a caravan or a folding trailer. The use of some kind of groundsheet is strongly recommended.

We also recommend a good check for any sharp objects, either under your tent (e.g. rocks, branches) or in your tent (e.g. keys, bottle caps) before you make your bed.

How to make your bed

We advise you to prepare your tent prior to making your bed to avoid any damage to your Zzz. As soon as your bedroom-for-a-few-nights is ready, slide of the pillowcase and roll out your Zzz. Some options:

  • If you are used to sleeping without a pillow, leave your Zzz just like that.
  • If you prefer a pillow, simply fold one end of the mattress and slide the pillowcase around it.
  • Even though Zzz feels very soft, almost velvet-like, some users like to bring their own (cotton) mattress cover.
  • We do recommend the use of a (sheet) sleeping bag.

Sleeping on your Zzz

Your Zzz is made up of 36 individual compartments. As you lay down, the air in each compartment is contained in a small volume to provide the perfect support for that part of your body. Remember waking up in the middle of the night on a one-compartment airbed, parts of your body touching the ground? This will not happen with a Zzz.

In the rare occasion that one or even a couple of compartments deflate, all the others will still provide the support you need to sleep like a baby.

How NOT to use your Zzz

Your Zzz is designed to offer a great night of sleep. It is not suitable as a chair, swimming device, skim-board, wind blocker, kite, table, or anything else we could come up with. It is solely meant for use as a sleeping mattress. Pfew, glad we covered that ;) 

Inflating your Zzz

All compartments are sealed permanently, so inflating or deflating is not an option. Here’s a cool trick however: Leave your Zzz in the sun for a couple of minutes and the air inside will expand, effectively firming up your Zzz.

Deflating your Zzz

When you are about to leave the festival, your Zzz is calling for home too. It’s essential to return your Zzz to the Zzz-stand, for advanced recycling. You may carry your Zzz as you did on the way to the campsite, or you may deflate the compartments using a sharp object to decrease the volume. Important notice: Just make sure the QR-/barcode on your Zzz remains in good shape and is available for scanning upon return.


In the rare event that something is not right, just ask our staff at the Zzz-stand to help you out.  

How long will my Zzz stay inflated?

Your Zzz is made to serve you throughout the entire festival. Some factors influence how firm it feels. This article covers these factors. Checkout the correct use of your Zzz here.

It's important to know that a Zzz is inflated up to a carefully chosen pressure. This means a near-constant volume of air is used to fill up each air chamber. The PE-EVOH used is sealed and does not 'breathe' air. Therefore the volume of air that was blown into a chamber will remain constant for a long time. In principle, your Zzz may stay inflated for months! Nevertheless, we recommend using it for shorter periods.

There are some influencing factors that affect the firmness of your Zzz:


When a large load is applied to the air chambers, pressure will increase and the material may stretch just a fraction. Normal use is no problem at all, but you can imagine that sitting on a Zzz with, say, 4 people might test the limits of your Zzz. Once stretched, the material will be just a bit weaker than before. That's why some air chambers may end up softer over time than others. 


The machines used to inflate the mattress are consistent, but there are many small factors that influence the consistancy and strength of each seal. A festival is not a lab-setting, so dust and dirt are present. 


The weather influences the firmness of your Zzz. The air that is used to fill your Zzz may be relatively dry, or moist. The ambient temperature during inflation, but also during use influences the firmness of the mattress. 

Day & Night

During the night, temperatures drop, influencing the volume of air in each compartment. Colder air needs less volume compared to the same 'amount' of warm air. By keeping the air chambers small, the effect is minor. You might feel that chambers are somewhat less firm during the night than during the day. 

The effect on your sleep

Even though your Zzz might feel a little less firm, you will not notice the same effect during your sleep. The air will distribute throughout the chambers to provide a comfortable support for you body. This is a major difference compared to single chamber/compartment airbeds in which a drop in air pressure may concentrate to certain areas of your body, making you wake up with your bum on the ground. 


Damaged chambers may deflate in part, or entirely. Even though this might seem troublesome, it might be solved by shortening the mattress (by pushing the adjacent air chambers towards each other). In the event that you are not happy, simply report to our staff at the Zzz-stand (or check out other service options here). 


Zzz... the product

A Zzz… where should we start. Who would have thought there are so many sides to festival sleeping 2.0? This article is meant to give you an overview of the wonderful characteristics of your Zzz.

Is it a Product, or a Service? No, it’s a product as service!

Society is slowly but steadily transforming. On-demand use of all kinds of stuff we need is already ‘normal’. To cope with that, brands are helping us to adapt. Sounds complicated right? What we mean to say:  Why own a mattress when you only need a few nights of sleep? When we spend a weekend in a hotel this makes perfect sense, but camping is somehow often associated with owning your own camping gear. Zzz breaks with conventions and lets you enjoy sleep without the hassles of ownership.

Nevertheless, the Zzz mattress has a lot of character!  


With Zzz we invested time, effort and resources to design a system rather than a product. Our goals from the start were

Goal 1: to use as little material as possible

We succeeded by creating a multilayered PE-EVOH film that is extremely strong in comparison with its thickness. It's the air inside the mattress that keeps you floating in your dreams. Our Zzz keeps the air inside by using strong bonds without using glue or other additives. 

Goal 2: re-use as much material as possible

We designed using one material: PE-EVOH. In doing so, we achieve a flow of material that does not need to be sorted before recycling. The recycling process is based on chemical recycling in which the PE is broken down to a molecular level. In an ideal situation, we are able to reuse 100% of the mattresses. 

Goal 3: involve the industry to create a repetitive material life-cycle.

To take material from our planet comes with a responsibility. Even though our partners are large companies, they get that too. To design with the end of a life cycle in mind requires a different mindset which we found with our manufacturing partners. To them, Zzz is not only a buyer, but a supplier of (semi-)raw material too, creating near infinite loops of material use.


Simply pre-order and collect your Zzz when you need it: at the festival. No stress in the days before the festival. No stress on-site either. Forget about (electric) pumps, sore backs from carrying a 3kg PVC bed and worries... (Is that old airbed still OK?) How comfortable is that? In your tent, there will be no more poking stones in your back, as a Zzz keeps the air inside. The 36 compartments are individually sealed, sort of like a luxury mattress with zones for each part of your body. Let's Zzz....


Remember the cool experiments as a kid, rubbing a balloon to create static electricity? However cool it looks, it would feel weird and uncomfortable when sleeping on it. Zzz is non-static so you don't have to worry about that. (Legal notice: We do not guarantee anything about your personal level of static electricity after a great festival day!)


A Zzz is made without added substances that evaporate over time (Volatile Organic Compounds). They are safe to sleep on and safe for the environment.  

Food grade

Zzz mattresses are produced in accordance with standards that apply to products intended for consumption of food. Now we don't recommend using your Zzz as a plate, but it would be perfectly safe to do so. Bon appetit!

Light weight

The Zzz mattress is wafer-thin, weighing only 300 grams. If you can lift your coffee-cup, a Zzz won't be a problem. In comparison, the common PVC beds generally weigh 2.500 to 3.000 grams. 


A lot of thought, and TLC has gone into the design of Zzz. The 'invention' has been documented in a patent, first filed in 2020. The process of expanding the patent to different international markets takes years, during which we mark each Zzz with the words 'Patent Pending'.  

Do you make a double bed?

Although we understand that dreaming toghether is always better, we do not make double mattrasses. Find out why in this section.

Your Zzz has been carefully designed for production and distribution in large quantities. Machines involved in the manufacturing of the mattrasses are calibrated on the width of a one person mattress. The same goes for the machines you will see on the festival; the machine used for inflating (PUFFI) and its sibbling for deflating (DE-PUFFI) are designed for 1 person mattresses. 

Nevertheless, feel free to stick 2 Zzz mattresses together to create a double bed. We suggest using a double sized mattress cover to do that. We do not advise using tape, or sharp fasteners since it might damage the mattress.

It looks so thin. How comfortable is it?

Your Zzz is strong and comfortable, but also lightweight, and thin. How comfortable is it really?

The Zzz air chambers are equally divided which gives you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. You may compare it with a pocket mattress; each 'zone' of your mattress remains in place, independent of the other zones. As each air chamber handles only a small volume of air and a part of your body, a thin layer of PE-EVOH foil is enough.  

36 chambers

The 36 chambers are individually sealed. Just imagine a traditional airbed with only one compartment... If you push on one side, the air flows to the other side. Sit down in one spot and chances are you will sit on the floor untill you lay down and distribute your weight more evenly. With a Zzz the air can oly be pushed within a small chamber or cell. This keeps the pressure up at all times.

Cool story right? Well, the benefits of this patented system are best experienced after a good party. Let us know how you've slept!

Why is Zzz single use?

It might feel like a contradiction: 'Single use' and 'Circular'. This article digs a little deeper into the workings of the circular mattress-as-a-service. 

Single use plastics

We are not principally opposed to single use plastics. Sounds weird right? In fact, there are many situations in which single use plastics are a blessing. The characteristics of plastic may be far superior to do the job compared to other materials. The problem is that the story seems to end after the single use, but that's not true. The problem is that the material chain suddenly seems to end... We as consumers have little choice but to throw the material in a bin. 

Closing the loop

The story should not end there. Imagine the earth as a library, and raw materials as its books. Using raw materials should be as borrowing a book... After use one brings it back for another person to use it. Your Zzz will be used over and over again as long as you return it to our stand. We make sure it returns to the 'library' to become a new 'book'. 

Still, why use it only for a few nights?

A festival is sort of a pop-up city. It is such a waste to buy all your gear for just a couple of nights! That's like buying a car and driving 20km per year. The amount of material needed to let 50.000 campers sleep on 2,6kg traditional airbeds would be 130.000kg. Zzz needs only 15.000kg for the same festival in the first place. The need is not 'owning a bed', the need is 'sleeping in comfort for a few nights'. Zzz offers a system approach that caters for that exact need with the least amount of impact. 

Is single use the best solution?

For sleeping on festivals, yeah! For other needs we think that each situation requires a slightly different solutions. In some cases ownership for life might be a sustainable approach. In other cases a sharing scheme might work... We are not bound to any one approach. We are bound however to the need of you as a consumer. We are also bound to our responsibility to bring back, or pass on the materials we borrow from the earth. We are excited to work on these responsibilities every day!

Zzz is made with plastic, how is it environmentally friendly?

We get it, 'plastic' and 'sustainable' are a bit like punkrock and opera... they don't mix well. Still we have good reasons to use plastic for your Zzz mattress. This article digs a little deeper. 

A different approach

We decided that a different approach is needed. It's not only the materials that are used, it's the entire system of buy, use, discard that needs a makeover. Welcome 'mattress as a service', a 360° approach that ends with the raw materials it started with. Feel free to read more about our view on single use plastics in this article.

We created Zzz by using the best recyclable material for the job: PE-EVOH. The properties of PE-EVOH are perfect for creating strong and lightweight air-pockets. We designed the service-chain in such a way that impact is reduced as much as possible in each phase of the lifecycle. 

In doing so, we looked at PVC airbeds as a comparison.

What's up with PVC?

The current standard for a camping mattress we dare to say is the wellknown PVC inflatable airbed. It is easy to produce, cheap and easy to obtain. The drawbacks however are manifold.

  • lifespan; a lot of PVC airbeds are thrown away after one puncture, making PVC airbeds a large element of the total pile of festival waste..
  • toxic plasticizers; PVC is made flexible and foldable by using quite toxic plasticizers.  
  • weight; PVC is heavy. But you are strong... we know...
  • need a pump; The large air compartment is hard to fill up using your lungs. So many people bring additional devices such as a pump.
  • waste; PVC is near impossible to recycle, so it ends up in the waste incinerator or a landfill.

We feel PVC airbeds are simply the wrong solution for the job. 

The results

We used Ecochain to compare the impact of a typical PVC airbed with a Zzz mattress-as-a-service throughout the entire lifecycle. The results should be assessed as a rough comparison, not as a scientific study. We do not wish to insult anyone, or be your grumpy school teacher telling you what's wrong. We simply wish to give you an idea of the differences in approach.

Our LCA comparison shows the following reductions (Zzz compared to PVC)

  • Global Warming: 91% reduction (in CO2  equivalent)
  • Resource Depletion: 94% reduction (in G SB equivalent)
  • Fresh Water Use: 97% reduction (in liters)
  • Energy Use: 93% reduction (in kWh) 

What to make of that?

Well, it's up to you of course to decide. We feel that our approach makes a substantial difference and we are excited by the potential that holds for other product categories. If you wish to read more, check out the LCA results. 

We would love to hear your questions or regards